How to request a Gallery Album

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Members may request a Gallery Album in which they can display and/or store images, videos, documents, mp3's - in fact just about any type of media can be kept in the Album.

To qualify you need to be a Full Member (i.e. not a "Junior") and have at least 15 posts or more.

How to request a Gallery Album:

To do this go to your profile and:

1) Select Modify Profile then choose "Group Membership"

2) Select the Gallery Album Group and click on "Request Membership".

3) You'll need write a few lines on why you want one (be brief for this type of membership):

4) The request will now be considered by an Administrator. This can take up to 48hrs so be patient. In the Group Membership section it will now display as "Approval Pending":

5) Thats it, you'll then receive an email telling you whether your application is approved or declined. Once you receive that email you'll find that your Album is active and ready to use.

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