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Author Topic: Motad and Venom exhaust.  (Read 2552 times)

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Motad and Venom exhaust.
on: November 19, 2011, 04:44:47 AM
Just emailed Motad uk.  Attention of Ian McDonald.  He is a regular poster on bikers oracle vfr forum, with a request on whether they will be doing a can and link pipe for the crossrunner.
I do hope so, because Motads cans are real quality and sound brill.  A mate of mine has a 2 into 1 Motad system on his old cx500.  God knows how old it is, but the stainless Motad use...  Still polishes up to a mirror and that old cx...  Well sounds bloody fantastic.  Like a proper motorcycle.

So with a bit of luck we may get Motad interested.


Use their contact us on their site.  It may help swing things with Ian and the team there if there is interest.  Or call them and ask for Ian.  He comes across as a top guy on the vfr forum so respect please.

Motads prices are very competitive against the competition and its a BRITISH Company.

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