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New Mobile Version of Forum
on: November 16, 2015, 12:32:27 AM
The site now has a new mobile version of the forum which should "kick in" automatically if you access using a mobile device. It defaults to the mobile version on any android device and also with an iphone (or any smartphone for that matter). However it doesn't automatically do this for ipad users. If you wish to use the mobile site on an ipad then simply use the link at the top of the left hand column. This was done on purpose as feedback showed that ipad users prefer to use the main site due to the higher resolution of those devices.

Note that the use of Tapatalk on the forum has been discontinued. At the beginning of November Tapatalk made many changes to way things work for forum owners and it just wasn't viable for us anymore as they were no expecting us to pay for certain features. We simply don't like the way they are going with the app and coupled with many past insecurities it was time to part company. Many other forum owners have also done the same having voiced displeasure with the new changes.

Unlike Tapatalk the new mobile version does have the Polls and the Members Gallery. Also there are "Unread Posts", "Updated Topics" and Personal Messaging.

Cheers  :031:

P.S. Make sure you are logged in when you use it otherwise not all the features will be available to you  :038: