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Author Topic: Tar Removal from plastics and metal.....  (Read 3064 times)

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Tar Removal from plastics and metal.....
on: December 05, 2011, 11:25:53 AM
If you get any tar on the bike whether it be plastics or exhaust, there is a product that can be really recommended.  I also use it on the car when tar has kicked up tar up the sills and lower parts of the door so its safe to use without damaging paintwork.

Mr Sheen Multi Surface Polish Original.

Good for plastic, glass, metal, plastics.

Just spray on a blob of the polish onto the tar.  Leave about a minute or 2.  Tar will just wipe away.  You can use this polish for a quick wipe round the bike.


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Tar Removal from plastics and metal.....
Reply #1 on: December 14, 2011, 07:38:36 AM
Isn't that amazing !!! I just cleaned the exhaust can and looks wonderful with minimal effort. Smells good too! Thanks for sharing this.

Another great product I stumbled oupon is something called "Elbow Grease" which is a powerful water based degreaser you can rinse off with a hose and works just as well as WD40 or parafin, but is safer on brakes since is not petrol based. It will dissolve motor oil sludge, clean chains etc and will rinse away with just water. I get it from the local market but also seen it in ASDA and Pound Shops.