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Author Topic: Engine stall and start problems - starter relay - solved - FYI  (Read 2151 times)

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This summer I had a problem with my 2012 CR. Just after the 24000 km service the engine stalled occasionally and the engine did not even start sometimes (had to come back on an ADAC truck once 200 km from home). Thanks to a good shop (Honda Center Leipzig) we solved the problem:
When the bike came back on the truck I parked it right in front of the shop. Monday morning it did start right away. I got it back from Honda. Next day it stalled again. Brought it to Honda - they did the whole 24000 km job again but there was nothing in the electronic readout. Got it back, did ride three days, and on the morning the engine stopped after 5 meters. Called Honda and they picked up the bike from my garage. It didn't start at the Honda shop - fortunately.
Trying to find the problem the chief mechanic did take out the starter relays from it's place and all of the sudden - all lights on the dashboard on - start - running.
The mechanic had replaced the battery as well - so he offered me to take both new and "old" battery with me for the next few weeks - just in case. After two weeks I returned the spare battery. Guessed mechanic hours at Honda 30. Price paid: Starter relays - 10%.
If you have similar problems - consider the starter relays.
Cheers DrT_Music (happy CR rider, 14000 km in one season)

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Re: Engine stall and start problems - starter relay - solved - FYI
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Thanks a lot for the solution.