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Newbie lurker!
on: February 09, 2017, 01:44:53 PM

looking for some advice (although am sure partly biased!) on the cross runner!

just sold my bike, am now looking for something new and stumbled across this bike!  was considering a GS, Tracer, Triumph and then this came along!

don't ride as much as i would like but want something easy to ride, powerful enough, suitable for touring and good handling

concern with this bike (what i have heard) is servicing costs and cost to buy panniers as I only have a top box on the model in question

looking for some advice and opinions on what to do and how this model stacks up to the others i suggested


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Re: Newbie lurker!
Reply #1 on: February 09, 2017, 05:13:24 PM
Hi & Welcome to the forum.  That's a decent short-list that you've settled on there and I think the Crossrunner is also a good option - but as an existing owner I probably would say that. Given that all the options you mentioned are good bikes I think the best way to progress would be to see if you can get test-rides in order to see which one makes you smile the most.

The Crossrunner is certainly an easy bike to own and ride.  The handling is good for a bike of its style although a few owners struggle with 2-up riding and/or when loaded up with luggage.  Just for solo riding I have most of the suspension settings towards the maximum setting.  However, this will come down to personal choice.  I came from a sports-bike background so I like a firm set-up.  Overall, it's no sportsbike in the handling department but it is safe and competent. As for servicing costs, I've only had the 1st annual service done so far which cost £150 which I don't think is too extortionate.  I'm sure the BMW will cost more than that to service.  Whilst I've never owned a BMW bike, I know quite a few (mainly GS owners) and I am amazed at the number of issues that they have all had on their new/nearly new bikes. Mainly issues with the finish and there have been a number of well documented problems with various BMWs covering brakes, con-rod bolts.  Having said that, the BMW customer service is very good and everyone I know loves their BMW bike.  Personally I'd rather not have the problem in the first place.

Like you, when I was looking for a new bike I didn't initially consider the crossrunner.  I did look at the BMW F800GT but quickly dismissed that for the reasons above.  I sort of stumbled across the Crossrunner as I widened my search.  I was impressed by the build quality of the bike - it has a very premium feel to it and the V4 motor is great to use.  Very smooth, good mid-range and enough power.  Compared to the other bikes it's probably down on power a little but it has enough.  It is very easy to ride and comfort is good.  I think the VTEC system gives it a bit of character when you want to up the pace a bit and the change in engine note is quite addictive.  I think the bike makes a good tourer and the 200 mile tank range helps here - along with the comfort factor.  Whilst the Honda hard luggage is expensive (as is most official luggage for other brands) after market stuff is available and should be comparable for all the bikes you mentioned.

I think the key factors that made me choose the Crossrunner over anything else were the general overall build quality of the bike and the reliability of the engine. I intend to keep it for quite a while so  wanted something that was going to last.  I've had my Crossrunner for 8 months now and I am very happy with it.