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on: May 10, 2018, 08:32:17 AM
Insurance anyone! my renewal was due so I spent a bit of time getting quotes I was already with a bike SPECIALIST no problem I thought and being a good citizen declared that the rear shock and forks were being upgraded for safety and comfort as I don't fit into manufactures Mr Average when on the scales.
Unable to get an quote online I phoned my broker to be told sorry sir we can't find a company to cover you  :114: so the search began another specialist and after a lot of back and forth as to why the changes and have you told us everything including all changes yes I have  they found me an underwriter that would insure me :046:  premium much higher than last year isn't every ones and the excess reasonable by today's standards job done :046: e mail arrives with documents attached read carefully under the modifications section they have listed the bike as standard :211: I phone them point out changes as agreed, don't worry we know about it we don't always put it in the document, really?  :017: another phone call and fully amended documents arrive shortly afterwards  :047: 
A week later the renewal comes in from my last insurer and guess what SAME price SAME underwriter :112: rant over I'm off to polish my helmet.