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Re: Quietest forum I've ever been a member of ?
Reply #20 on: August 27, 2019, 08:07:53 AM
I have to smile in agreement with with the sentiments expressed here. This is a quiet forum, reflecting our lack of niggles with the CR. This is unlike many other forums that are festooned with page after page of modifications and 'improvements'. These mods are usually disproportionately expensive and often irrelevant bling. My last forum for the Kawasaki Z900 had 1250 posts on tyres alone, nearly 1500 posts on suspension and 29 pages (12000 posts) on 'modifications', and the bike has had a much shorter production run than the CR.
The Crossrunner is a well-sorted comfortable safe bike that appeals to experienced riders who just want to get on and go, confident that the bike will have no vices and cope with anything it encounters.
As I get older and I may need to downsize to a lightweight but for now, I love it.  :002:
Who in their right mind would design a vehicle that falls over when it stops?

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Re: Quietest forum I've ever been a member of ?
Reply #21 on: September 25, 2019, 07:51:11 AM
*Originally Posted by voodoo [+]
Understated bike for understated people, hence the lack of forum activity?

It's best description of CR so far. Especially now, when Honda has dropped it's price for over £1.5k compare to the last year price.
We are getting quite a lot of bike for this money.