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Author Topic: Panniers - Fitting VFR1200f (2014 on) Honda panniers to 2015 0n Crossrunner.  (Read 1416 times)

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Elsewhere on this forum , others have said that  the 2014 on VFR 1200f panniers fit the Crossrunner (post 2015 ).

I can confirm that this is definitely so, having just bought some on the bay .

A straight fit.

The seller said they also fitted his vfr 800 of similar year.

Make sure you get the rubbers that go on the lower pegs, complete with allen machine screws.

My bike is red, the panniers are pearlescent white, but it still looks good !  I is happy!

Many thanks to those who helped me with this info and gave me confidence to buy. Sure beats £800 for new honda panniers.