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Re: Crossrunner for 2020 ?
Reply #30 on: October 03, 2019, 07:47:01 PM
2018 AT owner here,

the new 2020 AT and ATAS models have got a lot of updated stuff on them most of which the current owners were asking for but are a hell of a price now. The ATAS with electronic suspension is about £17,500


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Re: Crossrunner for 2020 ?
Reply #31 on: October 08, 2019, 08:01:57 PM
Interesting thread on the merits or otherwise of the CR 800, for me no finer engine in any bike. Have currently a GS 1200 LC, ST 1300, and the latest model 800 CR. The best build of the three is the ST and the other two are pretty even. Performance wise  a number of  bikers IMHO talk a load of Kak about how fast a particular bike is compared with another, boo hoo on acceleration or top speed I am more interested in real world use, handling and grip.   I know my CR will easily keep up with a well ridden LC or for that matter  a CT 1200 or VFR 12. Out of them all the CR is the most refined lump going and if you are wiling to spend a few quid on the suspenders the ride is sublime as well. The braking is improved also if you tighten up the front forks, easily sorted by Wilbers zero friction progressive springs. I also have a Wilbers rear shock with remote as well. It will be a shame when they retire this lump but I bought this 2019 model CR to keep for perhaps a decade, you can keep all your wizz bang bling offered on other bikes and marvel at the all round brilliance of this particular Honda.   My guess is the LC will be moved on before then.