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Author Topic: Crossrunner cold start  (Read 1676 times)

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Crossrunner cold start
on: October 03, 2019, 06:16:44 PM
I have a fifteen month old Crossrunner that has done 6,500 miles. I bought it new and it was fine for a few months. After this I noticed that the tickover on a cold start seemed high (2000+ revs)compared to my previous CBF1000. I mentioned this to the dealer and was told the bike was set up to react to colder weather to increase the revs at start up and simply start the bike ahead of time whilst I put on my jacket, gloves etc and by the time I had finished it should settle down. I put up with this but then, on a trip to Normandy this summer, as I was leaving our B & B on the last day, I had literally just left the car park when the revs suddenly shot up to 3,500+ and the engine management system light came on. It stayed on all the way back until my last refuel at Calais when it went off. I had it checked at the dealers on return. They said they could see it had come on from the diagnostics but it was an "unknown fault". They blamed it on French fuel. All has been OK since then but this morning it did exactly the same thing again. The EMS light again went off a few stops and starts later. Has any one else had this fault and, if so, what was diagnosed in your case?