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Which cover fits without topbox and panniers?
on: March 05, 2020, 04:00:55 PM

Looking to buy a cover to fit my Crossrunner, that is a good fit without excess material. Specifically, I won’t have a topbox nor panniers and would like the cover to be a good fit to the bike without a topbox and panniers fitted. The wind speed is quite high where I live, which is fine, provided the cover isn’t acting like a sail with excess flappy material.

A lot of online companies seem to be selling covers claiming a tailored or perfect fit, but these are mostly universal type covers. It doesn’t help also, when a generic picture is shown, so you can’t see what you’re truly buying.

Need something decent that’ll last and keep the bike protected in all weathers, as well as a lighter weight cover for when out and about, mainly to keep the bike out of sight of prying eyes.

Any suggestions for which bike covers and sizes gratefully welcomed.



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