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Nitron, RaceTech, PDQ
on: March 22, 2020, 06:41:03 PM
Benefitting from the experiences of Si Click, v8guy, 54k+, Skids and others, I have now upgraded both front and rear suspension on my 2016 CR. Located in West Sussex I had the options of two suspension specialists, Steve Jordan or PDQ Developments. Since PDQ had already done work on v8guy's bike, I opted for them. They are just under 2 hours ride from me.

I talked with the immensely knowledgeable and helpful Larry Webb of PDQ at length before organising the upgrades. (Larry worked with one of my heroes, Norman Hossack, who first conceived the paralever suspension, 'copied' by BMW). He decided to fit RaceTech Gold Valves and 0.9kg RaceTech springs to the front forks, running with Motul 5W light factory synthetic oil, and a Nitron NTR1 rear shock, plus hydraulic rear height adjuster, to accommodate two-up riding if ever required. Since the top rear shock mounting point is hidden underneath the fuel tank, I removed all the tank plastics to spare PDQ from that mundane faff, allowing them to get on with the real job of changing the suspension. They also raised the forks through the yolks with 20mm protruding. This (just) allows maximum fork stroke but sharpens the head angle nicely, to quicken the steering.

Has it worked? Today I rode 80 miles on familiar 'B' and unmarked roads in the Surrey and West Sussex area. I have ridden these roads on the Commando, Guzzi, MT-07, Z900 and the standard CR before the upgrade and know them all well. They are technical and challenging, comprising atrocious grooved ridged surfaces, erratic cambers, choppy irregularities and all manner of other nasties. Previously the CR would writhe, sit up, hop, skip, dive and be a handful of unpredictability from both ends. It was fun but unnecessarily hairy at times - a bit like hanging on to a raging bull.

There has been a total transformation since the PDQ upgrades. The choppy harshness relating to excessive high speed damping in the forks has been replaced by a firm but comfortable and compliant front end that steers accurately. It no longer wanders or dives. It stays on line through turns.

The rear end does not squat or hop now, thanks to the superb Nitron. It is like cornering on rails. Hey, I even think I could keep up with a Street Triple and beat it over a long distance, since the Street rider would have to keep stopping to get the feeling back into his hands and get some physio on his neck, whilst I would ride on smiling, comfortable, calm and secure.

The CR has always been a nice place to be. Now it actually feels like the suspension does justice to the engine. I am thoroughly pleased with the upgrades and the friendly expertise of PDQ Racing Developments.
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Re: Nitron, RaceTech, PDQ
Reply #1 on: March 22, 2020, 07:25:41 PM
Sweet! Great to hear you are feeling the benefits.

If I rode my Cr on anything other than the A1, I would do another upgrade.
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Re: Nitron, RaceTech, PDQ
Reply #2 on: March 22, 2020, 08:59:01 PM
Nice one.  Honda definitely skimped on the CR suspension, which is a shame as if they had invested a little bit more they would have turned a good bike into a great bike and would probably sell more.
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