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Givi engine bars
on: July 11, 2020, 10:29:48 PM
Good evening chaps I have just purchased the Givi engine bars for my 2016 bike but am struggling to get them fitted, I managed the section that connects to the oil cooler then went to the right hand side bars and it just won’t line up if I put the large rear bolt in and the top front tube the middle lower bolt hole is a good inch out of alignment . If I put the lower and mid bolts in the front connection is 2 inches out of alignment. Do you think this bar is wrongly made or are they really sprung like this …
Thanks for any advice
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Re: Givi engine bars
Reply #1 on: July 13, 2020, 01:19:15 PM
Hi there the bars should fit easy enough,my ones did all the bolt holes should line up you might have to do a bit of flexing where the bars join together.But all in an easy fit.
you have to put both sides on at the same one side on but leave it loose,then the other side join them together and tighten the bars to the bike

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Re: Givi engine bars
Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 02:23:56 PM

I had a similar problem fitting mine

I found that on the near side the two fixing plates were ever so slightly bent outwards

I got a large pair of mole grips on them and tweeked them a little and it fitted perfectly

( I place some thin ply wood between the face of the grips and the brackets , so the surface never got scratched )

I hope this helps

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