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cruising speed, gearing change ?
on: September 20, 2020, 06:38:26 PM
I find on my 2016 bike that at motorway cruising speeds it doesn't feel happy or smooth (for this example we'll say Belgium motorway speeds  :016:) like it's a bit revvy and wanting 7th gear. went out on my Firestorm today and it'll cruise all day at 85mph just purring along, the revs are lower. also I have an MT10 that will also sit at the same speed and feel nice.

Has anyone tried changine gearing to lower cruising revs ?, I know it might effect acceleration but that must only be initially as once moving being in the right rev range is more important, I find the crossrunner gears quite short anyway so around town there are a lot of changes. My old VFR800FI i don't remember being like this and had no problem cruising.

I'm thinking of trying one up on the front to 17 tooth and one down on the rear to 42.. gearing commander site says it will take 5000rpm from 73mph to 79mph..
Has anyone put a 17 tooth front on ?, be handy to know if it fits in the space before buying, this sprocket was std fit on the RC45 also the 800fi uses a 17t in a 530 pitch though so as the crank cases must be similar or the same I would guess it would fit but any experience welcome.