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Re: Sidestand play?
Reply #10 on: January 24, 2021, 02:47:22 PM
Update; took it all apart, no visible wear actually, it just seems to not have particularly tight tolerances. Made a washer out of an old PET pop bottle and shimmed the joint, taken all the play out of it and feels nice and solid now. Might not last forever, but it was an easy fix and can be repeated easily enough.

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Re: Sidestand play?
Reply #11 on: February 02, 2021, 06:56:30 PM
I think your "mod" is something I'd consider too. Or perhaps a Bush made from a suitable material. I'll check mine next time I have it out of the garage and let you know.
I have noticed this on a few previous bikes of various makes. The one on my Harley had a peg which actually comes into play when the weight of the bike is on it to stop it rotating - effectively locking the SS into position.

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Re: Sidestand play?
Reply #12 on: February 06, 2021, 02:39:42 PM

The play , under control of the spring, is there so the stand can move slightly around any small obstructions on the ground, gravel etc, when being put up or down. Thus preventing strain on the stand mount and frame. It makes it easier to use.

 Mine (2016) does exactly the same as your video, always has, and has never changed.  I did take it apart using the " pennies between each spring coil" trick when I first had it, to replace  a shortened sidestand that went with an unwanted lowering kit.
My opinion is that mine is fine, and acts like it was designed to.  I just checked my other honda ( pan european ) and it does exactly the same.
I would not modify the stand in any way. Mr. Honda knows what he is doing in my humble opinion.

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Re: Sidestand play?
Reply #13 on: February 27, 2021, 04:31:02 PM
Having just serviced my 2019 I discovered mine has the same play. It’s as if the movement is controlled by the springs as it doesn’t waggle at all and nothing is loose. I get the impression it’s supposed to be like that. Bike has only done 3,700 miles so it shouldn’t be worn....