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Author Topic: Microsoft Security Scam.... Bewarned  (Read 3820 times)

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Microsoft Security Scam.... Bewarned
on: September 10, 2012, 02:58:11 PM
microsoft security phone scam


well ive had a scam call today :D
new my sir name

Apparently my pc is sending reports to microsoft that my pc is infected with trojan horses and the like and my hard drives 49% corrupt.

And they work for microsoft security.... mmmmm like f##k

So because of security and the fact my pc is sending error reports i ask them for my public ip address. they give me a partial network card address..... hmmm. yeah thats correct.... pmsl

time to have some fun....

they tried to get me to download a third party remote desktop program... So i ask why they are not doing this through windows remote desktop !!
then ask them what revision of windows I am running. Not a clue.

ok... play along. waste their time.

where are you based ? glasgow. hmm. funniest sounding glaswegian accent ive heard. positively indian/pakistan sounding. in fact understandable, not like your born n bred tollcross glaswegian

ok ive typed in what youve asked and the computer is saying i dont have administative rights to download anything.

big pause...

tries again to get me to download a third party piece of software... sorry everytime i click download it says i dont have administrative rights.

which hard drive is corrupt please ? if the hard drive is 49% corrupt then i may be better running western digitals smart tools on the said hard drive and swop it out.

how many hard drives are there he asked.
6 in a raid 5 configuration.

can you go to www.teamviewer.com

ok there.

download please...

sorry dont have administrative rights.

please wait..

can you reboot pc.... ok

right im at login.. please type in admin password. sorry i dont have that. are you the sole user of the computer...
no. my partners computer and she is the computer administrator at derbyshire police

I see...

couldnt get off the phone quick enough.

Be warned...


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Re: Microsoft Security Scam.... Bewarned
Reply #1 on: September 10, 2012, 04:35:14 PM
Love it :047:Had a similar call just before leaving for work. I'm afraid I didn't have your patience and just rung off
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Re: Microsoft Security Scam.... Bewarned
Reply #2 on: September 10, 2012, 07:12:36 PM
My Mum had one of these and surprisingly was able to suss it.

I say "surprisingly" because one week after buying her laptop
she rang me and told me it had gone off.
I established that she'd been using it a few hours and that it had
just shutdown and wouldn't turn on again.

I then asked if she'd charged the battery...


So told her to plug it in and she says "oh I thought it was wireless"