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Ello peeps
on: August 24, 2011, 08:10:29 PM
Hi, just trade Suzuki GSX1250F 10 plate for a new Crossrunner.

Fixxer 1250 is a great all rounder with a fantastic engine and I have done over 16k miles in 14 months including various longer trips - eg 3000 miler to Alps in July. But..I came to realise that I wanted something different - a more upright/heads up riding position -maybe something a bit more wacky - but did not want to lose much in terms of performance.

Not many bikes fitted the bill - Triumph Tigers too high for me, Vstrom and Versys 650's lack power, new Kwakka Z1000sx nearly it but too sports orientated -big traillies like GS1200 not for me and a Multistrada a bit OTT (although fits most of the bill - too much gadgetry for me and a tad tippy toe as well). So - I decide to try a Xrunner @ Grantham Honda.

100 yards up the road and I was smiling already. Played with traffic on A1M while I got used to gearing etc and then took to the backroad to Ancaster - by which time I was grinning like a chesire cat.There are loads of things I will ned to adjust to but the ride suits me fine.

Enough for now - will start reading through posts - see what I can learn.
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