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Author Topic: Any common reliability problems on a CrossRunner?  (Read 10485 times)

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Any common reliability problems on a CrossRunner?
on: November 06, 2012, 07:54:59 PM
My first m/c was a Suzuki SV650, then a Honda Pan Eoropean ST1300 and currently a Suzuki VSTrom DL 650.   Now I'm drooling after a CrossRunner.  In the UK climate with salt on roads in winter, some common problem with my other bikes were:

Corrosion of dissimilar metals, especially bolt holes, bolt heads, exhaust flanges touching frame or Aluminium parts, top box and fairing mounting points (if using metal screws). 

My remedy was to fit stainless hardware throughout, and where blind frame mountings or rivet bolts could not be easily changed I used a very soft loctite compound to seal the threads from damp and salt ingress.  This involved on each of my 'bikes doing a strip down and reassembly of anything with a thread that could be exposed to UK weather.  I also liberally greased all bearing seal surfaces after each wash down.

Is any of this necessary on a CrossRunner?  What quality are all the fixings?  Stainless?  Have all mild steel mounting point threads been sealed?  Any rust developing anywhere? Has anyone done a thorough strip down and longevity assesment?  What quality are the bearings and bearing seals?  Especially your comments about headstock bearings and weatherproofing of switchgear etc. are welcome.

I currently live in Corfu where salting the roads is never needed, although repairs to potholes would definitely make the roads safer :-). The purchase of a CrossRunner in the UK will coincide with my family's return as soon as we sell our Villa in Corfu.


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Re: Any common reliability problems on a CrossRunner?
Reply #1 on: November 07, 2012, 08:12:58 AM
I ride in all weather (including the occasional monsoon!) and regularly cross standing water.  I've noticed a light dusting of surface rust on the Honda top box mount which i wasn't terribly impressed with, but I now use a Givi top box.  I haven't noticed any corrosion on the bike itself though, not even the exhaust headers.

Be careful adjusting your rear spring - a couple of us have rounded the tip off our suspension adjustment c-spanner when it's slipped off.  It's not hardened steel, but you can buy a better c-spanner anyway (there's a thread with photos here).

I haven't heard anyone else mention it, but while adjusting my rear spring on my CR I've noticed that the housing that holds the battery assembly in place slips off the the notch that is supposed to hold it up, making the whole assembly sag down low.  It's not about to go into the rear wheel or anything, but if you're buying from a dealer, look for it and make them fix it.
I'd be interested to hear if any other owners have had this problem or if it's just me.  It's going in for its 8,000km service soon so I'll check with the mechanic.

The bike hasn't missed a beat since I got it.  It's fantastic to ride, and my wife just loves riding 2-up with me on it!
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Re: Any common reliability problems on a CrossRunner?
Reply #2 on: November 07, 2012, 09:28:48 AM
Bearing in mind the crappy British Winter weather (and this year Summer!!) and the ridiculous amount of salt the local authorities insist on throwing on our roads any bike is going to suffer corrosion if you don't wash it down after a ride. This is not always possible especially if your hands and brain have gone numb after a long cold ride!!  I always coat my bike in ACF 50 just before winter and this really does the trick as long as you apply 3 or 4 times throughout the winter months. If you are feeling rich you can have this professionally done by www.allyearbiker.co.uk/ACF50.html (have a look at the link) which I had done a couple of years ago on another bike. The result was brilliant as it gets into all the nooks and crannies just spraying from a can cant get to.

Anyway back to the subject - no problems with my CR at all, good build quality , no loose fairings or instrument panels shaking, everything fits and is in the right place - probably the best bike I have had in years!!   :419:

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Re: Any common reliability problems on a CrossRunner?
Reply #3 on: November 13, 2012, 08:35:59 PM
I had a Pan European for nine years. First in the north of Germany for two years then the UK. Possible one of the best finished Japanese bikes on the road.  :028: Honda finishing is good and so it is on the CR  :169: However, if you ever had any issues with the Pan, you can expect the same with the CR.

I don't shy away from riding in near zero temperatures  :190: but I won't take a bike out on a warm sunny day if there is salt about!  :005:


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Re: Any common reliability problems on a CrossRunner?
Reply #4 on: November 14, 2012, 10:45:40 PM
The achillies heal of the vtec with regards to reliability are... stator. High mileage, occasionally a cam chain tensioner, again high mileage.
Thermostat.  The consensus over on the vfr forum seems to be they corrode and then stick.  The answer seems to be change coolant every 2 year.
Thats about it. Regulator probs on vtecs are not common.