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Mounting a sat nav
on: September 05, 2011, 07:53:35 PM
I have a Tom Tom Rider Pro Europe and having spent some time trying out options for mounting it (I have a stubby Ram bolt mount, a U blt for fitting to bars, on bike charger etc already) - there are two ways I can see it can be done.

First is to mount it on either the clutch or brake bolts - which is where loads of folks put their PS. I don't like that as I prefer the GPS to be central.
So - I removed the plastic bar/wire coverings and found that it is easy to mount the GPS by way of a u bolt and the Ram bolt - fiting them to the bars just above the yoke (where there is a flange for attaching the plastic and wire hooks fittment.
The only problem is that it wil need a very small amont of cutting of the plastic in order fo it to fit back on once the GPS is in place. Also my current U bolt is not long enough so I cannot accomodate the flange - which must be fitted as it helps the plastic be a bit more sturdy.

Stil some ok to do - but it will work (I hope) - will post up some photo's in due course.