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Author Topic: Givi 3 cases luggage kit (E55 + 2xV35 + PLX1104 + 1104FZ + Monorack M5)  (Read 4240 times)

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Hi guys,

Last week my 3 cases luggage kit for my CR arrived from Italy. Less than 700 Euros for the whole kit, the 3 cases, all the adapters, just assemble and go, it seemed like a good deal, and it was. Here's where I bought it: http://www.piqumoto.com/catalogo/KIT-TRE-VALIGIE-GIVI-HONDA-CROSSRUNNER-800-11-26633770 (they also sell on Ebay.it).

This Sunday I spent the best part of 5 hours assembling it all, and I share some pics below, in the hope they may help someone who decides to go for the same assembly themselves. Sorry for the low quality, they're cell phone images:




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Good report Mario. Thanks.

I use a similar kit. PLXR(emovable)1104 instead of PLX1104 and and old E36 (from 1993) instead of a new E55.

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thanks for the pics, bike looking good with luggage on.

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The luggage looks great, and is so cheap, until delivery  :003:
I contacted pigumoto, for a shipping quote, 370Euro, which is for me too expensive.

Which is a shame, as Im looking at an ALUtrax topbox in Australia, which is going to cost more than this full kit  :087:
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