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Author Topic: Review in Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine  (Read 3492 times)

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Review in Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine
on: October 19, 2011, 03:52:26 PM
Quite a good review of 4,000 mile test in November issue of MS&L.
Front cover says --"Why everyone should try this brilliant bike"

Test rider says .."The Crossruner fits into that rare category of "flippin brilliant motorcycle that we should stop trying to pidgeon hole and just get on it and ride it. It happens to be the best all rounder I have ridden"

Other comments include..
 "..one of the best bikes ever turned out by Honda"
 "..honda's Crossrunner is our Motorycle of the year"

Impressed - but we knew that anyway. :028:

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Re: Review in Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine
Reply #1 on: October 20, 2011, 01:32:58 PM

very impressive headlines :046:.In Germany the Crossrunner has a very good echo,but not like this report :016:.

Interesting Report in a German Sport Motorbike newspaper named: PS.
They make more sportive testings  and there opinion are not a reference for tour bikers :008:.

But they compared the Honda VFR 800 F with the Crossrunner,because they are from one family.
Two Profi Tester are riding both and it is no problem to be faster with the Crossrunner if the street has many curver .
No chance for VFR riders!!! :007:
Handling and breaks are better than VFR800.
One sentence was:"No joke,the Crossrunner can everything better that the VFR".

Ok,the VFR is faster in Topspeed :016:.