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    New Member from Loughborough, East Midlands
    on: August 15, 2014, 09:38:22 pm
    August 15, 2014, 09:38:22 pm
    Hi All,

    Been lurking here for a while, so thanks to you all for the very useful information on the forum.

    I recently returned to biking after a gap of over 25 years and initially settled on a BMW F800ST and managed to buy one from a dealer with BMW warranty via eBay at a bargain price.  However I just couldn't get on with the riding position which put too much weight on my hands and caused numb fingers.  Even bar risers didn't help much.   The final straw was the crazy switchgear which requires you to use your throttle hand to activate the right indicator and use the separate indicator cancel switch.   Not having large hands I found this a stretch and it compromised throttle control at crucial moments.  I think it is not only poor ergonomics, but downright dangerous, so I am not surprised that BMW have adopted a conventional arrangement for all their latest models.

    Anyway I kind of came across the CrossRunner by chance because a different BMW dealer I went to see to do a potential trade-in of my bike had one in stock.  To cut a long story a bit shorter, I ended up not losing any money on the F800, and got a 61 plate CrossRunner with just over 10k miles.

    I have just completed a 2200 mile round trip to the South of France, where I spent ten days with the wife and younger son who travelled down by TGV.   The actual riding part was over about 7 days, and I have come back really loving the bike, which in a way I see as the modern equivalent of my last bike.  This was the Honda CX500, which I owned for about 7 years from 1981 and did about 25,000 miles on, though of course the CrossRunner is a better bike in every way - as it should be given the time gap!

    Having started out fairly sedately, by the end of the trip was making use of all the power of the lovely VFR800 engine, and though the CrossRunner is probably all I need, I was thinking that perhaps the CrossTourer with automatic DCT gearbox might be a future upgrade path, more for the reportedly excellent gearbox than the VFR1200 motor.

    If I have any criticism of the CrossRunner, it is the gearbox - a bit clunky in first/second and having an annoying habit of being frequently unable to find neutral without a lot of messing about with clutch and gearshift if coming to a stop in a higher gear than second, i.e. without going down through all the gears while still moving.