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    CR newbie!
    on: October 28, 2014, 12:53:20 pm
    October 28, 2014, 12:53:20 pm
    Hi all. 

    Having wanted to pass my bike test since being a young feller, I recently had the opportunity and the wedge to do the CBT (on a YBR125) and the DAS courses within the space of a few months.  My first bike, on passing my Mod 2, was a 2005 Z750 that a pal in Sheffield sold me at a bargain price.  It had only 1040 miles on the clock and was in showroom nick, until my other half reversed over it as it stood in the drive.  While it was being mended at the local Honda dealer, courtesy of the insurance company, I saw a couple of Crossrunners.  Both had luggage, both were 12-plates, and one had done only 3,000 miles.  I traded in my 125 and the Z750 and I now have a lovely, shiny, touring bike that rides and handles like a dream for a novice.  It's more practical than the Kawasaki, and I wanted a tourer anyway.  I get the feeling that it could go quite a lot quicker if I wanted it to  :002:.  I put some Oxford heated grips on it, which are very nice to have though I got some stick from my brother.  Though many of you may not think it there are advantages to living in Hull, one of which is being able to ride three miles to North Sea Ferries.  We're looking forward to slinging the bike on the ferry in the Spring and having a bimble on them foreign roads...

    Does anyone have any experience of replacing the seat on the Crossrunner with one of these custom gel-pad jobbies, please?  The pillion has mentioned numb-bum syndrome and that's just from a couple of shortish rides, which doesn't bode well for continental trips.