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Accessories and Products / Re: Go to supplier for luggage?
« Last post by ThunderGuts on January 25, 2021, 11:14:03 AM »
Probably bit late now, but I looked at that topbox - it weighs a lot compared with a plastic one, that's before anything goes into it. Something to consider given where the weight is with a topbox, plus any weight limitations of the rack too.
VFR800X Crossrunner - General Chat / Re: 2018 topbox compatibility
« Last post by ThunderGuts on January 24, 2021, 02:58:24 PM »
So bit of background for anyone contemplating the same; ended up deciding I wanted a GIVI Monokey box (as a good range of sizes/designs to choose from). Doesn't seem to be an off-the-shelf adaptor and I wanted to utilise the OEM carrier already on the bike than get the GIVI one (which looks naff and I've heard of them failing too). Considered getting one of the "M" alloy plates designed for a different bike and adapting it, but instead got the E251 universal plate instead. Unfortunately the OEM topbox holes (at least two of them) will only line up naturally with the plate when it's too far forwards to remove the pillion seat, so ended up using the brackets it came with. Three seemed to work, rather than four, but I used the fourth as a backup, plus a couple of cable ties with big nuts as retainers to act as backups in case the bracketry ever came loose unexpectedly.

Quite straightforward overall, the adaptor plate is about £40 and then you've got the options of plenty of GIVI cases which are relatively inexpensive compared with the Honda offerings.

A few pics; first with the plate mounted but without the cover over the top (once the cover plate is fitted, it looks very smart);

View from underneath showing how the brackets were used. Seems rock solid but will monitor over time

VFR800X Crossrunner - General Chat / Re: Sidestand play?
« Last post by ThunderGuts on January 24, 2021, 02:47:22 PM »
Update; took it all apart, no visible wear actually, it just seems to not have particularly tight tolerances. Made a washer out of an old PET pop bottle and shimmed the joint, taken all the play out of it and feels nice and solid now. Might not last forever, but it was an easy fix and can be repeated easily enough.
VFR800X Crossrunner - General Chat / Re: Hyperpro shock install
« Last post by Bikespod on January 22, 2021, 11:12:36 PM »
I have to report on a ride through London, it’s a big improvement. Front feels way better, more planted, and I’m not steering around every bump any more. Much better spring rate. Speed bumps no longer make me wince either.
Back feels firmer, yet more compliant. Rebound much improved. Wheel feels like it’s tracking road rather than jolting over imperfections. Looking forward to being able to test it better when everything is drier and warmer.
In the meantime it feels safer for getting through winter riding too.
I opted for a puig with Palmer adjusters on mine. The key benefit I found was that the palmers lift the screen away from the body of the bike thereby avoiding a vortex and causing excess turbulence around the top of the helmet.
As skids says a lot of potential trial and error to get what's right for you.
Worth doing though imho as the bikes a keeper.
Excellent news.

Screens are a personal thing, depends on your dimensions. Be careful, you could waste money making things worse.
I got it! After 3.5 hours there on my duke 390 with a seat of wood then 3.5 hours back I'm a bit tired but love the bike. The ride home was significantly better than the ride there. I think I would like to look at a new screen, will it cut down the noise in my helmet??
The stock screen is surprisingly good.  Unless you are very tall I would live with it for a while.  You may well find it is OK.

No issues with mine other than the rear shock which is just not good enough, particularly if you have a pillion. I swapped mine for a Nitron which made a huge difference.  The clocks are a disappointment as they seem to have been lifted from a scooter, but they work well enough and I have not heard of any with water ingress.

The only aspect that I really dislike is how difficult it is to remove the fairings.  My old VFR800 fairings came off with a few steel fasteners and some crap plastic ones that were liable to break. But at least they came off and went back on without huge amounts of force; the velcro on the CR does not come apart easily.
VFR800X Crossrunner - General Chat / Re: VALVE CHECK /ADJUST
« Last post by Crosspurpose on January 19, 2021, 12:11:24 PM »
That's a tricky one. I suppose the definitive answer must come from Honda. FWIW a good friend of mine has just bought a low mileage 2016 VFR800F (same engine). He intends to adopt the latest regime on the basis that the change has little to do with any changes to valve seat materials, rather that it is a response to other manufacturers generally adopting extended valve servicing. IMHO there's no need to check the valves at 16,000 miles, especially if the bike is a keeper, but it has to be your call.
VFR800X Crossrunner - General Chat / Re: VALVE CHECK /ADJUST
« Last post by SXHighwayman on January 19, 2021, 12:01:25 PM »
Anyone know if its retrospective though - as in for 15/16 bikes (Like mine) is it now 24k or are we recommended just to budget to do it at 16k as originally specified. I have another 9k before that so not imminent either way.
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