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Suspension setup, Forks, and Handling Issues / bearing on rear wheel
« Last post by pascal on Today at 09:58:00 PM »
Is it normal that you hear the rear wheel actually tapping the brake disc against the brake pads when you move the rear wheel firmly
Mine is under the seat. I bought an Oxford Products one on the recommendation of my Honda dealer.  Can't recall the connection but I'll take a look later, though I suspect it's direct to the battery.
Hi guys.I'm thinking of buying the honda 12volt socket but i cant find any info regarding the installation.Has anyone installed one?Judging from the photo of the socket ,it seems plug n play but where is the connecting cable? Another question, do i need to drill a hole somewhere or is there a specific place for it?
Items For Sale / Wanted / Re: Cross runner 2104 and parts for sale
« Last post by v.dimitroff on Today at 06:54:46 AM »
hi there,
is everything available?
VFR800X Crossrunner - General Chat / Re: Givi Tanklock ring on Crossrunner
« Last post by Bogbody on Yesterday at 06:24:15 PM »
Ah yes, I see what you mean. I have a smallish Givi and a large Kappa version.
I'll experiment and check it out on a test ride.
I wonder what the chances are of Givi coming up with a design that mimics the SW motech one?
They bought out a metal bracket adapter to add a tank ring to the f800 range.
I went in the Givi direction initially because I liked the design of their bags.
The tank on the Cross runner is steel so I could use one of my mag-mount bags. I've acquired several in 4 decades of riding bikes.  :002:
VFR800X Crossrunner - General Chat / Re: Givi Tanklock ring on Crossrunner
« Last post by Skids on Yesterday at 05:54:03 PM »
Small Givi bags tend to be ok, you'll just have to try and see.

I came across this problem too and ended up buying SW-Motech. Their tanklock-type ring drops the attachment point down the tank towards the rider and so prevents fouling. Like this.
VFR800X Crossrunner - General Chat / Re: Givi Tanklock ring on Crossrunner
« Last post by Bogbody on Yesterday at 11:15:35 AM »
Ah .... right should have looked more closely...
There is a thread in Accessories....
Looks like BF20 tank ring fits.
The problem is that the handlebars hit the larger bags. I have a small bag so might be ok.
New Members / Re: Good Morning in the UK
« Last post by Bogbody on Yesterday at 10:16:56 AM »
Ok, thank you.

Cb1000r ? Quite a weapon.... was very popular on the demo runs at the Peterborough show.
VFR800X Crossrunner - General Chat / Givi Tanklock ring on Crossrunner
« Last post by Bogbody on Yesterday at 10:14:43 AM »
Looking on the Givi website it seems that there is no tankring recomended for the 2015 on Crossrunner.
The BF20 version is recomended for the vfr, the BF3 for most other Honda's.
Has anyone tried to fit one? Will it fit or can it be made to fit?
I have a couple of bags I use, would be handy to swap easily.
Thanks in advance.
New Members / Re: Hello from Australia
« Last post by Haddo on Yesterday at 09:18:08 AM »
*Originally Posted by Manxter [+]
Hello everyone, I have just joined the Crossrunner family with my 2011 VFR800X Crossrunner. It's got 27400km on the clock and just had it's major service before i bought it. I am really enjoying riding it so far, especially when the VTEC kicks in! A new muffler is on the wish list to make it sound a bit better and replace the tyres with something other than the Scorpion Trail ones as it will not go off road. Has the taller screen on the front, hand guards and luggage rack on the back.
Welcome to an exclusive club.
Had a lot of bikes over the years normally replaced every 3rd. Not this one. Check out Arrow for a can. A proper performance exhaust at 2/3 the cost of Akro. Removable  baffle no remap required.
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